Dave Yaeger

I have had more fun, met more great people, and learned more about music and equipment than I ever imagined when Jim and I got started.  We've been at this since 2000, and it seems to keep getting better all the time.  Playing music with a bunch of people who are having a good time...what could be better!

My first gig was playing the drums for the Strange Faces back in my (and Jim's) hometown of Saugerties, NY.  I started when I was fifteen and kept going with it for about ten years, up to the mid nineties. 

My next stint was as the front man for the Dave Yaeger Band playing guitar and singing.  Thanks to my mentor Craig Najjar I was able to step out from behind the drums and sing (outside of the shower, that is).

After the Dave Yaeger Band wore out, Jim and I decided to ramp up our occasional jam sessions, develop a song list, and who knows, maybe even get a gig.  From the beginning we said we'd keep playing together as long as it was fun, and with that business plan we've been rolling ever since.

We are always tweaking our sound, and over the years we have tried a number of different instrument lineups.  For a while now we've settled on a combination of guitars, congas and shakers, and as much harmony as we can muster.  I wonder what will come along next...

As of June '09, the congas were replaced by a Father's Day gift of a fine djembe.  We are having fun with it!