The David James Duo has evolved our equipment as a constant effort to improve the quality of our sound.  We put a lot of effort into learning which equipment is most reliable and provides the best bang for our buck.  For each size of venue we can vary the set up.  A basic list:

Takamine Guitars
Yamaha Guitars
Martin Guitars
Gibson Guitars
Peavey Guitars
Behringer Powered Mixer
BBE Sonic Maximizer
Behringer Compressor
Behringer Patch Bay
Lexicon MPX 110 Delay/Reverb
2 Roland KC500 Keyboard Amps
1 Trace Elliot TA100R
1 Fender SFX 200 Keyboard Amp
2 Bag End TA1200C Full Range Speaker Cabinets
1 Peavey Floor Monitor
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Ashly QMX1502 Equalizer
DBX286A Channel Strip
Ashly MX402 Mixer
Dunlop Tortex Picks
Kayser Capos
D'Addario Strings
Coors Light
A bunch of cables